THE FUTURE OF RIGID POLYURETHANE FOAM IS HERE. Who would have thought that an environmentally friendly yet technologically advanced, high performance, low cost Polyurethane Foam Insulation can be developed.

Well, we did.

Introducing Marinoh. A new type of high-performance, low cost and green Rigid Polyurethane Foam systems made from a renewable source through a bio-based polyol technology.

Made for the future.


Marinoh’s natural oil polyols are produced from direct single-stage reaction using a proprietary technology and a low-cost, but highly effective source of material – renewable marine byproducts, while the use of HCFC chemicals – ozone-depleting chemicals – is also replaced with a 100% water based blowing agent, effectively enabling us to create a new type of Rigid PU Foam capable of outperforming traditional foams and yet costs almost 30% less to produce.

About Ecotherm

UPHOLDING A PROUD TRADITION OF EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY SINCE THE 1980S Ecotherm Sdn Bhd is a visionary company that specialises in energy conservation with an extensive experience of over 25 years in creating and supplying top-notch, eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for the construction, manufacturing, packaging and energy generation industries.