Rigid Polyurethane Foams produced from Green Polyester Resins are naturally better in performance than the conventional petroleum based polyethers when comparion to the Thermal Stability and Chemical Resistance.


Polyester-based urethans are more resistant to thermal degradation than the corresponding polyether-based urethans at temperatures in the range of 50° to 150° C. It has also been shown that this difference in thermal stability is due to irreversible, oxidative cleavage of polyether chain segments. By introducing up to 20% composition of MARINOH (a polyester polyol) into your polyether polyol system, the thermal degradation of end product rigid polyurethane foam will improved.

A greater consciousness has arisen in recent years for a need to protect and conserve our environment. Marinoh is an eco-friendly polyol that uses water as blowing agent thus, when incorporated to your petroleum-based polyol systems will result in an alternative green rigid PU foam. This inspires a movement towards development of green-hybrid systems in the Polyurethane foam industry.